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New office space 2 @jamesclaybeers

New office space @jamesclaybeers

Sampling Belgian beers with punters at Kro (Oxford road) (Taken with Instagram at Kro Bar)

Love the branding @wildbeerco (Taken with Instagram)

Kjetil from @nogneo back in action for a 2nd popup at #IMBC - tutored tasting on hybrid beer styles (Taken with Instagram at Victoria baths)


Alcohol is a constant. Throughout history man has strived to booze. If it can ferment then we will ferment it has always been the way. It is due to this desire for the demon drink that some very special drinks are made, and pumpkin ale is one of those special drinks.

The earliest American…

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You’ll never describe another beer as “pithy” after you have a swig of this. Refreshing as hell, massive orange (and pithy) flavour. Quite tart. (Taken with Instagram)

Bambergs Spezialit├Ąt Sclenkerla Rauchbier in Manchester (by stepassant)

Video of the 6th generation owner of Schlenkerla tapping the first ever wooden barrel to be poured outside of Germany:

“Wooden barrels are individuals. They’re like your wife. So sometimes they explode and you don’t know why!”

This is one of the best rap records I’ve ever heard (don’t listen if easily offended). That beat is just awesome.

Follow Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery as he starts making a batch of White House Honey Ale.